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Northern Irish family band Saffyre's brand new release 'Walking on Water' comes just months after the success of their last single 'Survive'.  

Both tracks were produced and co-written by the highly acclaimed US born producer and writer Tre Sheppard, along with the talented production team FVRY and blxxd. The girls began collaborating with Tre in September 2017 and the creative combination has been making waves on the commercial music scene in Ireland.  After being placed on the coveted 'A playlist' on Cool FM with 'Survive' - along with playlists on RTE 1, U105 and DownTown Radio - the much anticipated release promises the same hook driven melodies and impact, with a high energy vibe perfect for Summer.  

Saffyre is made up of sisters Shauneen and Maria and cousin Emma. The girls grew up in a large family where music and singing was a huge part of their lives. Singing together since they were children the girls were influenced by artists such as U2, The Corrs, ColdPlay Oasis, Norah Jones and Shania Twain. The melodies and harmonies which are signature to the Saffyre sound have been honed and perfected over years of recording and live performance. In May 2017 the band released the track 'Run For Your Life' produced by Grammy Award winner Jim Jonsin in Florida USA, who along with his team of writers, wrote the song with the girls.  Their follow up releases 'Survive' and 'Walking on Water' are continuing to establish the group on the commercial scene alongside some of the best and most credible up and coming writers and performers in the Country. 

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